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The Orchestra Teachers

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RCO LOGO - NEW (5)1024_1 (1).png

                        Mr. Daniel Allen teaches at Westside High, Tutt Middle, Belair K-8, Sue Reynolds                                                           & Warren Road Elementary.  He assists with the Intermediate and Beginner Orchestras.


                        Mr. Christopher Connolly teaches at Josey High, Langford Middle, Murphey Middle, 

                               Lamar-Milledge, & Monte Sano Elementary. He also assists with the High School  

                               Orchestra & the Beginner Orchestra.


                         Mrs. Amy Ellington teaches at the Academy of Richmond County High School, AR                                                         Johnson Health & Engineering Magnet School, Copeland , & Lake Forest Hills                                                         Elementary.  She also directs the High School Orchestra & assists with the Beginner                                               Orchestra.  


                         Mrs. Rochelle Garman  teaches at Butler High, Cross Creek High, Pine Hill Middle,                                                      Goshen, Hains, & McBean Elementary.  She directs the Beginner Orchestra & assists with                                       the Intermediate Orchestra.                                                

                         Mrs. Bonnie Harris teaches at Spirit Creek Middle, Freedom Park K-8, Deer Chase, 

                               Diamond Lakes, Jamestown, and Willis Foreman Elementary.  She also directs the                                                 Prelude (6th Grade) Orchestra & assists with the Beginner Orchestra. 


                          Mr. Nathaniel Bruner teaches at Glenn Hills High, Glenn Hills Middle, Richmond Hill K-8,

                               Barton Chapel, Glenn Hills, and Meadowbrook Elementary.  He also assists with the                                               Intermediate Orchestra & the Beginner Orchestra.  




                          Mr. Anthony McCullough teaches  at Laney High, C.T. Walker, Garrett, Hornsby K-8, E-                                              school, & Merry Elementary.  He directs the Intermediate (5th Grade) Orchestra & assists                                      with the Beginner Orchestra.





                           Ms. Rachel Misner teaches at Hephzibah High, Hephzibah Middle, Blythe, Gracewood, 

                                 Hephzibah Elementary & Tobacco Road Elementary.  She directs the Filarmonico                                                    Orchestra & assists with the Beginner Orchestra.



                          Mrs. Alexandra Shelton teaches at Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School, 

                                 Bayvale, Jenkins-White, Terrace Manor, Wheeless Road, and Wilkinson-Gardens 

                                 Elementary. She also directs the Beginner Orchestra & assists with the Filarmonico  


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